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Bison uses proprietary software to help businesses find world-class liquidity!

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About Us

Bison Digital provides a platform for exchanges, payment processors, and other corporations that are looking for liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. We aggregate liquidity from some of the worlds biggest exchanges, OTC Desks, and other liquidity providers under a single API. Our Clients enjoy the ease of using our single API to connect to the multiple liquidity providers for best execution.


Our unique set of capabilities and services are designed to drive down the cost of transactions and meet the liquidity needs of corporations that are new to digital assets. Clients count on the market insight of our experienced Institutional Traders deliver to help access liquidity, maintain anonymity and minimize market impact. Complementing our Services, our team of Institutional Traders deliver high-quality execution services, leveraging a deep understanding of the markets as well as customized trading technology designed to efficiently interact with Bisons institutional liquidity.

Best Execution in the simplest fashion working exclusively with large businesses on an ad-hoc basis. We tailor to your needs!

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Enhance Liquidity

Access multiple liquidity pools simultaneously for increased fill rates and deeper liquidity.

Lower Fees

Benefit from Bison’s negotiated fees from top liquidity providers for a more competitive pricing structure.

Faster Trades

Leverage Bisons server network to route orders seamlessly and efficiently.

Experienced Team

Bison Digitals team has a combined        45 years of trading experience on Wall Street and offers clients the ease of executing trades in digital assets.

Reduce your risk

Leverage our consolidated liquidity and tailored execution services to minimize slippage.